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  2. Had just a few days off this summer. Shared a wave with friends. And a snorkel with my wife.

    Lupo Di Mare - DD&Co

  3. Summer

    10:30am - 11:30am you can put money on the Nor’easter blowing in. We planned all morning to convene at 10 and load the boards, newly acquired housing, and wetsuit tops.

    It was like a dream, 2ft offshore, Tuesday morning, no-one out. We loaded the boards at 10:30 and headed down to a secret left reef break - that isnt really secret but no one ever rides it- we pull up in the car park and the wind had come- Devastated! It completely destroyed all hope and waves to smoosh, like a bug under foot

    Now what, we had all the gear and no waves. We commenced to paddle from one side of the bay to the other, as the sun was still blaring. We paddled the open sea on logs, for 20-30 minutes. Arms were aching, faces were sun kissed.

    We made it to the beach and to our surprise there was nothing- we walked back to the cars - burnt face, feet and crushed dreams. “At least the photos look rad” one of us would later say

    Words by Ben DiDonato
    Photos By Alex Tracey

    (Source: lostseamerchants)

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    :Photo taken at the Wanda Fish Fry -

  5. Had some workers in the shed today - thanks boys

    They didn’t walk away empty handed - scored a lupo di mare handplane for their efforts

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    with every hand plane i feel as thou i am improving the design and functionality -

    Lupo Di Mare handplanes are made from recycled/reclaimed/sustainable materials!

  8. Noosa Glide

    Body Surfing with Lupo Di Mare

  9. Lupo Di Mare Handplanes makes bodysurfing better…… trust me I know.

    Local point - no one out-

  10. Here one we did earlier with the legend… Mr Kevin Butler

    Thanks to a few friends and the postage service we got this Lupo Di Mare handplane off to Cali and had KBut do his thing. Rad Cars with Rad boards on them.

    Visit his insta to see his amazing work

    {Lupo Di Mare}

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  12. kenoath-modern-vintage:

    Thanks Des for all the great Lupo Di Mare photos!! The handplanes have never looked so good

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  14. Sunday in the Paper = Monday making hand planes.

    Had to buy timber!!! hadn’t been collecting timbers for a while!

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